Old-School Optimus Prime Truck (Modeling)

John olofinskiy 0001

Perspective 01

John olofinskiy 0002

Perspective 02

John olofinskiy 0003


John olofinskiy 0004

Front and Back

John olofinskiy 0001w

Wireframe 01

John olofinskiy 0002w

Wireframe 02

As a kid, growing up in the era of Hasbro toys, transformers were the coolest toys I had, and I always liked the shiny look of the gorgeous Optimus Prime truck. So, finally decided to model this guy. The mesh itself is pretty dense 2 000 000 polygons unsmoothed and took me about two weeks to model. I focused on the topology a lot, it is all quads with some tris where it was necessary. Definitely, I am going to replace some geometry with displacement for better optimization. Next month I am going to spend on UViing this guy, organizing UDIMs and texturing. Hope you guys enjoy the modeling part.