Pixar Render Man - Still Life Recreation

John olofinskiy compnew

Final Comp

John olofinskiy volumenew

Volumetric pass

John olofinskiy beautynew

Beauty pass

John olofinskiy greynew

Grey shaded

John olofinskiy graph

Node graph

My version of Still Life originally created by Dylan Sisson for Pixar Debug and Optimization tutorial. https://renderman.pixar.com/debugging-and-optimization The idea of this personal project was to study PRman shading nodes, PRman lighting and getting familiar with the optimization process. I recreated this scene in Katana from scratch using a given Maya scene as an example. It was a really great exercise as this scene includes many expensive elements to render, like scatter, refraction, displacement, and volumetric. The couple challenges I faced were unavailability of Maya standard nodes to transfer the material completely so I played around with PRman's alternative nodes to get a similar result. Also, the scale of procedural noises didn't work as I expected. Developed my own version of grapes, pears, bench, and back wall materials with some extra displacement. Added volumetric fog on top using PRman Volume Shader and comped all together in Nuke.
Responsible for lookdev and lighting.