Pz.Kpfw VI Ausf.H Tiger I (Modeling)

John olofinskiy 1

Perspective 1 (Subd 2)

John olofinskiy 2

Perspective 2 (Subd 2)

John olofinskiy 3

Perspective 3 (Subd 2)

John olofinskiy 5

Perspective 4 (Subd 2)

John olofinskiy 6

Perspective 5 (Subd 2)

Tank Turn Table

John olofinskiy closeup

Close Up

John olofinskiy wire1

Wireframes (Subd 0)

John olofinskiy wire3

Wireframes (Subd 0)

John olofinskiy wire4

Wireframes (Subd 0)

John olofinskiy wire2

Wireframes (Subd 0)

My personal project, a model of Pz.Kpfw VI Ausf.H Tiger I. The main goal of this project was focusing on Maya Sub D Modeling for cinematic pipeline. It took me about 3 weeks. The model itself is about 2 million faces but might be optimized as I modeled all unnecessary small elements like nails, bolts and screws which might be replaced with displacement. Most of the time I spend on the topology of the model trying to use only quads, reduce the number of poles and keep a topology flow as clear as I could. I consider this project as completed as I focus only on modeling workflow at the moment, but in the future I am going to texture this guy when I have some extra time. For rendering I used Redshift render.