Chappie Bust Fan Art (Modeling)

John olofinskiy shaded 2
John olofinskiy shaded 3
John olofinskiy shaded 1
John olofinskiy wires 2
John olofinskiy wires 3
John olofinskiy wires 1
John olofinskiy hex 1
John olofinskiy hex 2

The "Chappie" movie was always one of my favorite ones and I had a lot of fun modeling this bust. The main goal was again to focus on studying production topology for hard surface and keeping my model as close as I could to the original version modeled by Jeff Tetzlaff who did such incredible work which inspired me to do this fan art. I use this video as my main reference. It took me about a month to model and unwrap UVs and it consists of 1997 elements including pipes, hoses, and screws. I also used couple meshes from Andrew Hodgson's Sub D Production Kit to fill some space inside my model which perfectly fit within the concept. Can't wait to start texturing this guy.