Old-School Optimus Prime Truck (Texturing)

John olofinskiy 1

Perspective 01

John olofinskiy 3

Close Up

John olofinskiy 4

Wide Angle

John olofinskiy 2

Perspective 02

John olofinskiy 3


John olofinskiy wallpaper
John olofinskiy raw comp 1
John olofinskiy raw comp 2
John olofinskiy raw comp 3
John olofinskiy uvs darken

Fan Art of Old-School Optimus Prime in Peterbilt body. I was doing this project for The Rookies 2018 but, unfortunately, wasn't able to finish it before the due date to add this guy to my submission. I decided to go for a brand new look of the truck as I really like the shiny look of Optimus Prime truck in the first movie. So, as I was not going to do damaging state and fine detailing I decided that 19-20 UDIMs should be more than enough in my case. In the future, I'm planning to re-texture it with a much high number of UDIMs adding some wears, damaging and the famous Prime trailer. The mesh itself is about 1.3 Mil quads unsmoothed. I also reduced about 1 mil polygons by replacing a lot of bumpy patterns with normal maps that previously were modeled. Texturing was mostly done in Substance Painter mixing with some procedural Redshift Shader in Maya. Rendered with Redshift and slightly color graded in Adobe LightRoom.