Chappie Bust Fan Art (Texturing)

John olofinskiy 2
John olofinskiy 1
John olofinskiy 3
John olofinskiy b1 comp
John olofinskiy b2 comp
John olofinskiy b3 comp
John olofinskiy udims

Finally, I've done texturing of my Chappie Fan Art Bust that I modeled not so long ago. I focused on Chappie damage state 04 that is a stage just after a POLICE scout was shot and Chappie's consciousness was installed into the damage scout. It took me about 4 days to unwrap all UVs and organize UDIMS, and about a week for the texturing. Texturing is done in Substance Painter and I used Z-brush for making displacement maps for the TETRAVAAL text and for some damage as well. All rendering and look development are done with Redshift and Adobe Lightroom. It was such an incredible journey and I definitely learned a lot from this project.